This recipe is called “Minister’s Delight” and I swear tasting it feels like divine intervention!

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Friends, I have a delightful delicacy that will fulfill your sweet desire with no effort and delight your taste senses. When you’re in the middle of a beehive of activity and a sugar rush strikes, Slow Cooker Minister’s Delight is the perfect answer. I found this little treasure when searching for recipes that provide delight without taking up too much of my precious time. As a warm welcome gift for visiting clergymen, Minister’s Delight (sometimes called “dump cake”) was traditionally something easy to make and always a hit. These days, it’s the ideal dessert that beckons you at the end of a hard day at the office; all you need are a few pantry items, which you can toss into Mr. Slow Cooker while you unwind, run after the kids, or do whatever else comes to mind. Why don’t we jump right in?

Minister’s Delight takes great pride in being a single potluck star. But if you like to take this tasty dish to the next level, top it with some vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, or even, dare I say it, a sprinkle of powdered sugar? Optimal performance.


One box of yellow cake mix is required for the recipe.

– Cherry pie filling, 21 ounces (can)
Half a cup (about one stick) of thinly sliced unsalted butter
How to Follow
1. Get out your go-to slow cooker and coat it lightly with non-stick spray. Stickage is not permitted while we are constructing foundations.
Set the slow cooker to low heat and add the cherry pie filling. Make a delectable, fruity foundation by spreading it out.
3. Evenly distribute the yellow cake mix over the cherry layer. Listen up: no mixing. This delightfulness is all about layers.
4. Then, scatter the cake mix evenly over the top of the butter slices, making sure to cover as much of the cake as possible. The butter will melt and combine with the cake batter at this stage, resulting in a golden, crumbly crust. Pure joy.
5. Cover your slow cooker, reduce heat to low, and let it alone for three to four hours. The perfect cake will be golden in color and slightly pulled away from the heat source at the edges.
Changes and Hints
– How about a switch? Fill the pie with blueberries, apples, or peaches instead of cherries. There will be no dull moments at The Minister’s Delight!
Toss in some chopped pecans or walnuts with the cake mix before you add the butter if you’re feeling nutty. A delicious crunch will be added.
– A Would you want to exude an air of total Midwestern quaintness? To make the pie more cosier, try adding a little of cinnamon to the filling.
– My fellow busy bees, get it done before you go out for the night, and dessert will be ready when dinner is over. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!
I hope that was clear! Delicious and uncomplicated, this dessert is sure to please. Keep the Minister’s Delight in mind the next time you want a simple way to end the day and use your slow cooker. Make sure it’s sugary, easy, and, most importantly, delicious. Have fun, everyone!

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